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Most organizations have multiple service lines including Sales & Marketing, Finance, Production, Distribution, Customer Service and Technology to support their business growth. While they constantly strive for a leaner organization, it often dilutes their focus on strategic initiatives for growth and expansion.


RiteSys addresses this challenge through systems integration services for building Enterprise Automation Platforms in different industry verticals.  These industry specific platforms analyze  operational footprint, clean up inefficiencies, automate business processes and technology operations of different service lines, and seamlessly align operations to the core business objectives of its customers. This transformation delivers potentially over 80% spend reduction and 15% growth in digital revenue.

RiteSys applies decades of global business management experience, heavy AI based automation, predictive analytics, cutting edge technology tools like Robotic Process Automation, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Intelligent Virtual Assistants, Self Healing & Serving Tools, and Cloud enabled services for an integrated enterprise level automation platform. It incorporates necessary change management in the organizational culture and provides training for a hybrid human-bot workforce model.


Platform services are monthly subscription based, no annual contract. Pay As You Save!


About RiteSys

RiteSys Automation ensures profit maximization for its customers through integrated enterprise automation of business operations and technology landscape. It specializes in applying operations automation in different services lines of its customers delivering significant cost savings, revenue growth, speed and quality related benefits. This enables its customers to focus on their core priorities and strategic business growth.


Its services of industry vertical specific Automation Platforms apply cutting edge technologies like Robotic Process Automation, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Intelligent Virtual Assistants, Self Healing & Service Tools and Cloud enabled services for delivering greater operational efficiencies and customer experience.


Through deep understanding of different industry verticals, financial models, lean processes and automation tools, RiteSys designs strategies for business transformation, develops business case and implements critical automation programs in order to deliver desired business outcomes for its customers. It applies Strategy Consulting principles for organizational restructuring, footprint consolidation and M&A.  RiteSys is based out of Greater Atlanta area.




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